14 November 2018
14 November 2018,
Are you attracted to the design of circuits? When you see an electronic circuit did you aspire to design one on your own? If the answer is yes, then I am telling you these circuits are called Printed Circuit Boards in short PCBs. For a reference just see the image. The PCBs are manufactured in a very industrial process though we can also make it at home. But to make a good quality PCB you have to follow some industrial processes. The first process is PCB Design. Almost every electronics manufacturer in this country have a team of engineers to design PCBs. In this winter, we bring that process through a special training program. It’s obvious that we named it PCB Design and it’s a one month program.
What is PCB Design? PCB design is a set of techniques that are used to design PCBs for production. The design process is a computer-aided design method which is
used to design a circuit film for PCB production.
Why should I learn that? The first reason is it’s a core technical area of Electronics Engineering. If you are an Electronics Engineer then this is your core field.
The second reason is it makes a great career choice to work in a core electronics industry.
Am I eligible? Electronics Engineers and Diploma Holders are eligible. Hobbyists are also welcome. You need a basic idea of Electronic components, that’s it.
What are the charges? We charge 5000/- + GST(18%). Total – Rs. 5900/-
What will I get? You will get a soldering assembly kit worth Rs. 1000/-. Also, we offer 1-day industrial visit with this course so that you will have an idea about PCB manufacturing process. During this program, you will get an in-depth learning experience and our experts will ensure the complete knowledge gain.
How to register? It’s simple, Pay Rs. 500/- as a registration fee through our secure online portal. The rest amount should be paid at the time when your classes begin. Below is the link to pay online. Special discounts for group enrollments.

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For more details on the course topics and others visit the course page. For more information call/WhatsApp us at 9831501783 or write to us at info@corefuture.com
This winter, take a step towards core technology areas through our PCB design course.

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