14 November 2018
14 November 2018,
Are you fascinated by the working of Google Home and Amazon Echo? We are too because these are commercial IoT Devices or you can call these gadgets. There are other devices too like SmartWatch. The technology insights are way advanced than our usual engineering textbooks. So, if you are interested in going beyond the syllabus and learn the technical insights, then our IoT training program on IoT can be your getting started the vehicle. Our 1-month training program will help students to learn IoT by doing hands-on projects.
What is IoT? IoT is an abbreviation of the Internet of Things where devices form a network for communication. Devices are called Things.
Why should I attend this course? Studies say by 2020 Billions of IoT users will be online. Big companies are already started venturing in this technology. So, to make a giant career step in this field you need to take a bunch of steps from now on. Our course can help you in taking these steps.
Am I eligible? If you are studying engineering subjects and computer programming then yes you are. If you are more of a maker and love to make interesting projects then you are also welcome.
What are the pre-requisites? The basic idea on electronics and knowledge of C Language, that’s it.
What is the course Fee? Rs. 5000/- + GST(18%), total – Rs. 5900/-.
What will I get? Take away IoT starter Kit worth Rs. 1000/-.
Once you are enrolled you will get hands-on knowledge from our expert trainers, interactive sessions, Project-oriented learning and a certificate on completion.
Our registration is on through our online portal. You pay Rs. 500/- as registration fee and the rest amount (Rs. 5400/-) can be paid when the classes begin. Special discounts available in group enrollments.

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If you have more queries then please visit our course page or write to us at info@corefuture.com or call/WhatsApp us at 9831501783. Make the most of your winter holidays through our IoT program. Admission going on.

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