14 November 2018
14 November 2018,
Almost all the colleges have published the exam schedule for odd semesters. You know when these exams will get over. Learning new technologies in winter holidays can be a wise step for you. We announce a few such courses which are very beneficial for your career. One of such course in Arduino step by step. This course targets a wide audience from Beginner to Professional. If you are a maker kind of a guy and love to play with electronic circuits, this course is just for you. We ensure a great learning experience through our practical oriented course structure.
What is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform that enables you to do a lot of good pieces of stuff related to Electronics. Since it’s revolution it becomes a daily need for makers.

Why should I attend this course? Though Arduino has a vast support system on the Internet, but you will still feel a gap in learning. We fill that gap. Our experienced trainers will help you to explore it from basics to advanced level. Our in-depth handling of topics will fulfill your learning goals. Once you are enrolled in our training program you will get a takeaway kit for practice worth Rs. 1000/-,  support from our faculties, 100%practicallyl oriented learning, the scope of doing a bunch of projects, interactive classroom training.
What is the duration? We strictly follow your holiday schedule so it will not be a problem for you. At our end, we can ensure to complete the course within that time frame.
Am I eligible to attend this course? This is the question we love to answer. Yes, you are eligible. We welcome BCA/MCA/B.Tech/Diploma/BSc students as well as hobbyists.
Are there any pre-requisites? We are expecting students to have a basic idea of Electronic components like Diodes, Transistor etc. Knowledge of C programming is required. Though we will revise it in our program, but we still expect you to have some knowledge on it.
What is the course fee? We charge 5000 + GST(18%) for this program. Total 5900/-.
Do you provide certification? Yes, we do. Upon completion of this course, you will definitely get one.
How to register for this course? Our registration process is simple. You pay 500/- for registration through our online portal, we will book a seat for you. The rest of the amount (5400) you should pay when your classes begin. Special discounts for group enrollments.

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If you have more queries just write to us at info@corefuture.com or call us at 9831501783, We will love to answer. You can also visit the course page for information on course topics, fee etc.

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