About Raspberry Pi Course

This course is for the Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. Raspberry Pi is a single board computer with physical computing capabilities. It runs a Linux OS to provide a unique user experience. It is capable to do all the things a microcontroller can do. The difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino is unlike Arduino Raspberry Pi runs a full Operating System. It is becoming a technology trend among hobbyists, playing kids and programmers. In this course, we explore the physical computing part of Raspberry Pi like GPIO handling, Generating Pulse Width Modulation Signals, Reading data from Sensors. We will also teach you to create GUI based Apps on Raspberry Pi.

  • 1Training

    32 Hours Instructor led classroom training

  • 2100% Practical

    Learning with hands-on practices

  • 3Assignments

    Gain Knowledge through interesting assignments and quizzes

  • 4In-Depth Learning

    In-depth knowledge by experienced instructor

  • 5Hardware Kit

    Free Raspberry Pi 3 starter Kit

  • 6Certificate

    Widely recognized Certificate upon completion

Am I eligible to attend the course?
Students who are in 1/2/3rd year of their B.E/B.Tech/Diploma are eligible for this course. Passed out students can also do this to enhance their competencies in Job Market. Working Professionals and Hobbyists are also eligible.
Are there any pre-requisites?
Yes. If you have a little knowledge of Basic Electronics and Any computer programming language then you are welcome. In this course, we cover very little of Python Programming and Basic Electronics, so if you have a prior knowledge of these topics then understanding of the course topics will be easier for you.
When can I apply?
You can apply anytime. We offer this course on a regular basis. For engineering students they can apply in their summer/winter vacations, this training is very effective as a summer training program. Weekend classes are available for professionals.
What are tools I will learn?
In this course our focus is Raspberry Pi 3 board, to be very specific you will be using Broadcom ARM Controller ICs. As per the tool is a concern, you will learn to use Python IDE in Linux.
Is there any project included in this course?
Yes. There are at least 2-3 projects we offer with this course.

Course Topics
  • ► Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
  • ► Raspberry Pi 3 know how
  • ► Setting up Raspberry Pi Board
  • ► Preparing and Installing OS
  • ► Physical Computing using Raspberry Pi
  • ► Introduction to Python Programming
  • ► Python Libraries in Raspberry Pi
  • ► Control Peripherals with Raspberry Pi
  • ► GUI Programming using TKinter
  • ► Create GUI apps to control peripherals in RPi
  • ► IoT Features in RPi
  • ► Capstone Project