About dsPIC Course

This course is designed for the students or professionals who are at an advanced level of Embedded System Domain. DsPIC series of controllers are used in digital signal processing applications. We have designed this program for expert learners who are familiar and experienced with 8-bit microcontrollers. Candidates who want to explore the real industrial aspects of Microcontrollers can join this course. The dsPIC ICs have some unique features which can be explored in power electronics domain. In this course, primarily you will learn dsPIC Peripherals programming using Embedded C along with different hardware interfacing techniques with dsPIC. We also offer a project to build an in-depth understanding of the topic. If you are new to the embedded system domain then we recommend 8051 Foundation course for you.

  • 1Training

    60 Hours Instructor led classroom training

  • 2100% Practical

    Learning with hands-on practices

  • 3Assignments

    Gain Knowledge through interesting assignments and quizzes

  • 4In-Depth Learning

    In-depth knowledge by experienced instructor

  • 5Hardware Kit

    Free dsPIC Development Board

  • 6Certificate

    Widely recognized Certificate upon completion

Am I eligible to attend the course?
Students or Professionals who are experienced in 8-bit Controllers are eligible for this course. Passed out students with the mentioned capabilities can also do this to enhance their competencies in Job Market.
Are there any pre-requisites?
Yes. If you have a sound knowledge of Basic Electronics and C Programming then you are welcome. In this course, we cover very little of C Programming and Basic Electronics, so if you have a prior knowledge of these topics then understanding of the course topics will be easier for you.
When can I apply?
You can apply anytime. We offer this course on a regular basis. For engineering students they can apply in their summer/winter vacations, this training is very effective as a summer training program. Weekend classes are available for professionals.
What are tools I will learn?
In this course our focus is dsPIC Microcontroller, to be very specific you will be using Microchip’s dsPIC30F4011 ICs. As per the tool is a concern, you will learn to use MikroC for dsPIC IDE and TinyPIC/dsLoader Software.
Is there any project included in this course?
Yes. There are at least 3-4 projects we offer with this course.

Course Topics
  • ► C Programming Fundamentals
  • ► Embedded C Programming
  • ► dsPIC30F Architecture
  • ► dsPIC30F Peripherals
  • ► dsPIC30F Programming using MikroC dsPIC IDE
  • ► I/O Interfacing with LED, 7 Segments, LCD, Relays etc.
  • ► Memory(EEPROM) Programming
  • ► Timer Programming
  • ► ADC Interfacing and Programming
  • ► PWM Signal Generation
  • ► Motor Control PWM Generation
  • ► Comparator Programming
  • ► UART Programming
  • ► PC Communication using UART
  • ► I2C Communication and Programming
  • ► Interrupts Programming
  • ► Capstone Industrial Project