Core Future, a major training provider in Kolkata, offers a bunch of interesting training programs for future engineers. Our training areas are classified into two major categories i.e. Job Oriented Courses and Niche Technology Courses. We conduct courses on Web Design and Embedded Plus in our Job Oriented category whereas we have some interesting courses to offer in Niche domain. Our short-term courses are very popular among college goers such as Embedded System, Wireless Communication, Robotics etc. We cover almost all the topics on Embedded Systems.

Our courses are designed by Industry experts to meet the industry requirements. We take the pragmatic approach to conducting the said courses. We first assess and then teach to meet every student’s requirements. If you are a student of engineering and looking for the training programs in Kolkata, then Core Future is the finest place to guide you. Come to us, we will assist you to reach your coveted goals.

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