12 December 2017
12 December 2017,

Embedded Systems is becoming the technology trend among students and colleges. Students are now searching for Embedded Systems courses after college study or during semester gap. Even colleges are also encouraging them to train themselves in finding a job in Core Electronics sector. But do you know how to start and how to make a career in Embedded System?

I am briefly explaining each detail on the Job market in Embedded Systems in India. My explanation may help those who are seeking the career opportunities in Embedded System. Before going to know the career opportunities you should know that an Embedded System has the three components, those are hardware, firmware, and software.

What is Hardware? All the visible electronic components used in making an embedded system are known as hardware components.
Key job areas involved: Hardware Circuit Design, Schematic Design, Quality Testing, PCB Design, PCB Fabrication etc.

What is Firmware? The microcomputer inside such a system will follow some algorithm to work properly, the algorithm when coded using a popular computer language is known as Firmware. Moreover, the logic implementation is the firmware development. Through the firmware, developers write the communication protocols and interfacing algorithms between Microcomputers and other peripherals like Sensors, Actuators etc.
Key job areas involved: Algorithm Development, Simulation and Debugging tools, Testing Mechanisms, Interfacing Techniques, Microcontroller Programming, C, C++, and Communication protocols, Sensors, Actuators etc.

What is Software? The software is the User Interface (If required) required in the development of some sophisticated Embedded Systems. For an example, Android is the software which provides interfaces to the users to handle a smartphone.
Key job areas involved: Operating System, Embedded Linux, Device Drivers and Kernel Programming, Embedded Qt programming, Python Programming.

As a whole, if you want to find out the career opportunities in Embedded Systems then you should know that there are several domains of operations which use embedded systems as a tool. An embedded system can help in a manufacturing process and manufactured product both. To make it easy take an example of a car manufacturing industry, we all know automotive systems are microprocessor controlled mostly. But when a car is getting manufactured, some other kind of system is required which will help in entire manufacturing process like robotic assembly system, ARC welding machines etc.

Few Domains/Areas where Embedded Systems are required: Automotive Systems, Biomedical Electronics, Industrial Automation and Process Control, R&D Industry.

Automotive Systems: As India’s automotive hub is set at Hosur (Border of TN and Karnataka), job density is huge in Southern Region.
Skills required: Microcontroller Programming, C, C++, I2C, SPI, CAN, and AUTOSAR etc.

Salary: 4-5L per Year (Fresh Engineering Graduates)
Companies: Robert Bosch, Volvo, Ford and some other software companies who are doing firmware development for the car manufacturing companies.

Biomedical Electronic Systems: Jobs in this are huge in Northern Region like Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Noida. There are medical equipment manufacturers all over the country but density wise Northern India is at the top.
Skills required: Microcontroller Programming, C, C++, Hardware Design, PCB Design, Motor Operations, Power Electronics and Systems, Analog Electronics, Inverter Design etc.
Salary: 3-4L per Year (Fresh Engineering Graduates)
Companies: Siemens, GE, Allengers, Medicaid, Phillips etc.

Industrial Automation and Process Control: Such companies are located mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The western part of India is the hub of Automation companies.
Skills required: Microcontroller Programming, C, C++, Hardware Design, PCB Design, Motor Operations, Power Electronics and Systems, Analog Electronics, Inverter etc, Instrumentation, Electrical Systems, PLC Programming, VFD Operations etc.
Salary: 3.6-5L per Year (Fresh Engineering Graduates)
Companies: L&T, Siemens, Schneider Electric, KBL etc.

R&D Industry: Career Opportunities in this industry is very specific and project basis. You can find this kind of jobs in Educational Institutes like IITs, NITs, and IISC etc. People doing jobs here are qualified enough to carry out the research work. You can get plenty of opportunities to do higher studies.
Skills Required: Analog and Digital Electronics, Knowledge Simulation and Debugging Tools, Microcontroller Programming, C, C++, Java, Matlab, Pspice, VHDL Programming, Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing etc.
Salary: 25-35K per Month (Fresh Engineering Graduates)
Organizations: IITs, TCS Innovation Lab, IISC, ISI, NITs, Reputed Govt. Universities, IIMs, CDAC etc.

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